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No Meeting Monday Night!

There is no training or general membership meeting this coming Monday.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and be safe!



False start rule and line of scrimmage video.

Good Afternoon!

I wanted everyone to be on the same page when officiating out there.

As Ed Schimd brought up last night about an offense making an unnatural move to make the defense jump off-sides. Below is the rule and below that is a video from the Aloha clinic training videos. ┬áThis clearly shows what exactly is an unnatural movement by the offense and needs to be called correctly. If the defense doesn’t react, there is no call. If the defense does react, it is a false start on the offense.

Also, check out the training page on the SFOA website. There are more videos and rules. I will let you know if and when there are more videos for your viewing pleasure.

Rule 7-1-7

ART. 7 . . . After the ball is marked ready for play and before the snap begins, no false start shall be made by any A player. It is a false start if:

a. A shift or feigned charge simulates action at the snap.

b. Any act is clearly intended to cause B to encroach.

c. Any A player on his line between the snapper and the player on the end of his line, after having placed a hand(s) on or near the ground, moves his hand(s) or makes any quick movement.

2012 Football Officials Aloha Clinic Referee Training Videos

Aloha Training video

Good Luck!

First weekend of football is here!

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself through out the day. Talked to Hoban and he said it was HOT last night!!

Hope everyone has a great evening and call the game of your life!