Sunshine Football Officials Association

Level 2 cards

All Level 2 cards need to be renewed.

If you have the white level 2 card you will need to renew to the  new blue state wide card.

The cost of the replacement card is 10.00

Use code FPPCSBadge

For full screening for first time badges and or renewal  the cost is 87.00

Use code FPPCSvendors

Click here for link: http://fieldprintflorida.com/

Sunshine Football Officials Registration – 2014       Registration_2014

The 2014 registration form must be completed for the new season.

Dues: 25.00




2014 SFOA Youth Football Clinic for Officials: August 9th

The 2014 football mini Youth Clinic will be held on August 9th 10:00 am @ Calvary Christian High School.

All officials must attend unless excused by the Board.

Clinic will consist of on field scrimmages with teams from the SYFC and class room lecture. A representative of the FHSAA will be in attendance.  A BBQ lunch will be served.






Training Meetings/ General Meeting

Football Training meetings;

Next meeting  July 21 @ 630pm

Calvary Christian High School Field

The complete list of training dates are listed under the  meeting dates tab

Meetings will be held at Clearwater High School cafeteria

 New Meeting Attendance Policy:

Beginning July 28th-August 25th. Each member must attend 4 of the 6 meetings.  Attending the Youth field clinic will be credited as one meeting.

Failure to meet meetings standards will result in members not being scheduled for the first week of paid youth games, exclusion from doing youth playoffs and a 50.00 fine. All issues regarding attendance should be sent to the board.